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Live Camera Monitoring

Monitor your live feed where-ever and when-ever!

Virtual Guard

Surveillance from professional monitoring teams 24/7

Remote Security Cameras

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Maintenance & Health Check

24/7 Maintenance & Health check services available

Mobile Video Monitoring

Monitor your system at any time from anywhere!

Access Control

Finger print access panels

Thermal Security Camera

Thermal Security Camera options 

Design & Installation

Special design and custom installation

Solar Camera Monitoring

Solar Camera Monitoring. Powered by Solar energy to make sure you always have power to your cameras

Unusual Motion Detection

Motion Detection systems for all times of the night and day

Time-Lapse Cameras

Use the Time-lapse option to capture long amounts of time on your cameras and condense them down

Integration Service

Integrate existing cameras into our service to keep them linked to your new system

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition systems for security

AI Video Analytic

Have our AI analyze your video footage for anything out of the ordinary

Playback Analytic

Using our software replay your video surveillance from anywhere at any time

Why Chose Us

We have been in business for years! Our professionaly trained and certified technicains put in 100% on every job!

“I Am So Impressed By Utah Access Control. My New Security System Has So Many Features That Save Us Time In Our Workday!”

Melvin Thorton

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Melvin Thorton

Access Control Peripherals

Access Barriers & Crowd Control

  • Barrier Arms
  • Gate Operators
  • Gate Remote Transmitters
  • Handheld Metal Detectors
  • Turnstiles
  • Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Control Panels

  • Access Control Panels
  • Control Panel Boards & Servers
  • Control Panel Cabinets & Enclosures
  • Control Panel Modules


  • Card Accessories
  • Key Fobs
  • Mobile Credentials
  • Non Technology Cards
  • Proximity Cards
  • Proximity Tag Stickers
  • Smart Cards
  • Vehicle Window Tags

Door Hardware

  • Deadlatch Paddles
  • Door Closers
  • Door Cords
  • Door Hinges
  • Door Holder Extension Rods
  • Door Pull & Push Plates
  • Electromagnetic Door Holders
  • Replacement Door Handles

Egress Devices

  • Door Alarms
  • Door Release Buttons
  • Emergency Buttons
  • Emergency Pull Stations
  • Exit Door Bars
  • Lockdown Buttons
  • Protective Covers
  • Request to Exit Devices

Keypads & Readers

  • CAccess Control Keypads
  • Barcode Scanners
  • Biometric Readers
  • Document Readers
  • Long Range Readers
  • Magnetic Stripe Readers
  • Protective Covers
  • Proximity Readers
  • Proximity Readers & Controllers
  • Reader Extenders
  • Smart Readers
  • Smart Readers & Controllers

Locking Devices

  • Cabinet Locks & Cam Locks
  • Cylinders & Cylindrical Locks
  • Deadbolts
  • Electric Strike Parts
  • Electrified Deadlatches
  • Electronic Locks
  • Gate Locks
  • Handlesets
  • Key Switches
  • Latch Retraction Kits
  • Magnetic Lock Parts
  • Magnetic Locks
  • Mortise Locks

Pedestals & Mounts

  • Access Control Housings
  • Access Control Mounting Posts
  • Mounting Boxes
  • Mounting Brackets
  • Mounting Frames
  • Mounting Kits & Hardware
  • Mounting Plates
  • Mounting Spacers

Power Products

  • Access Power Controllers
  • Batteries
  • Power Adapters
  • Power Distribution Modules
  • Power Supplies
  • Surge Protection Modules
  • Transformers
  • Voltage Regulators

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